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I started working on cars out of necessity when I was 16. I couldn't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for the basic work required to keep my Oldsmobile running but figured, "it can't be that difficult." That grew into helping friends and family regularly tackle more and more complex repairs, all while building and rebuilding my own cars from top to bottom. One of my favorite stories of working on cars is that a good friend's Dad had just come from a shop telling him he needed a new catalytic converter. In talking with this customer, he told me he had replaced the catalytic converter only a few months back. The check engine light was on and all signs pointed to full replacement, but after only a short, in depth inspection of the car, I found a loose oxygen sensor which had led to the error codes. I was able to tighten the sensor, clear the check engine light, and return the car to its owner, having saved him over a thousand dollars. This is why I stared EMP AUTO. Over the years I've helped dozens of customers with their automotive needs. I'd love the opportunity to help you as well. 

-Eric Palmer


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